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Close to God

Here is a message I received from Aset today.

Close to God

by JewelofAset

Dear child,
who gave you the idea
that you are not Divine?
Who told you that being a lesbian
means that a part of you is not of God?
Dear child,
You are Divine
in all your parts
you are Divine
You have the Ka of the Gods who made you
That part of you is from Us
You are Divine
as is sex
Just ask Me, Aset
Just ask Hetharu
Love is Divine
Sex is Divine
Your body is Divine

It is an aspect of your soul
Your Khat
Who told you that you are not Divine?
That you are not of God?  Of Goddess?
Of both sexes or one?
Of both sexes or none?

All are Divine
All have a Ka
All live
So all have a Ka
This is their Divinity

Kau is Kau
It is not different
Different Lineages are all interconnected
For all Kau comes from the Creator

All is Divine
You are of God
You are of Goddess
You are of Me



*Ka (pl: Kau) is the life force.  This is from the Creator to Us through our Family Line.  Everything has a Ka: Gods, humans, animals and nature.


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