Aset, Auset, Isis, Nebet Het, Nephthys

Aset/Isis and Nebet Het/Nephthys

Aset and Nebet Het are often paired in Ancient Egyptian Mythology especially within the myths of Wesir. These two Goddesses are called the Two Sisters, Two Kites, Two Mourners, Two Wives, Two Women, Two Ladies, Two Widows, Two Cobras and Two Goddesses.

Other ways these Two Goddesses are Paired:
*The syncretic or composite deity, the Ma’ati (Aset-Nebet Het)
*Mourners and Wives of Wesir
*Mothers of Heru
*Queen of Amenti
*Lady of Heaven/Celestial Cow
*Eye of Ra
*Daughters of Ra
*Daughter of Geb and Nut/Earth and Sky
*Solar Goddess
*Rulers of Heaven, Earth and the Dead
*Whose tears form rain to flood the Nile and give fertility to the Earth
*Protector of Shrines and Doorways of Temples
*Maker of the Sunrise and Sunset
*Guider of Souls

These Two Sisters are even said to be so close that one is never far from the other. They are Twins, who are dressed alike with only a headdress to tell them apart. This is true of some other Egyptian gods too. Both are depicted with their arms outstretched with wings, or wearing dresses with a winged pattern or as Kites with their respective Crowns on their heads.

In the Pyramid Texts, Aset goes up with the Day-Barque and Nebet Het goes up with the Night Barque. But they are both there at dawn and dusk. They are both liminal goddesses who greet the dead upon their arrival. These Two Goddesses traveled together searching for Wesir’s body, finding it and preparing the body for burial. They raised Heru together. They work magic and spells together.

They were worshiped in Shrines together and in temples. And if Aset was not worshiped in a particular town, Nebet Het would fill that role. At El-Qa’la, Aset, Nebet Het and Min were worshiped as a triad.

These Two Goddesses are very close.

In modern times, we can look to these Two Goddesses as an inspiration for close friends, sisters, wives in a polyamorous relationship or even as lovers. We can also look to them as complimentary opposites within ourselves, nature and the cosmos. They are the Divine Twins.


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