Aset’s Shrine

Aset’s Shrine

by JewelofAset

Aset’s shrine should be in your home
Aset’s shrine should be in your hearth
She is the Seat of Power
Authority to Reign
To Rule your own home
your own life
These are Her commands
To those who follow Her
If you ask something of Her
put Her in your home
put Her in your hearth
For She is the flame of the sunrise
The Fire in your soul
The Breath of Life
that flows through the Fire of your Ka
This is Aset, manifesting power
This is Aset as the Goddess of the Throne
This Seat is Her Shrine
This Seat of Power, of Cosmos
The Seat of the First Time
Light the Fire
Light the Flame
of the Fiercely Bright One
Light shines forth
from Her shrine


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