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Wepwawet, My Son

Wepwawet, My Son
by JewelofAset

Wepwawet is My Son
I am His Mother
I am the Mother of the God
On the Standard
The Wolf Lord, the Jackal Lord
Supporting the Sky
the Sun
Cow Goddess
and the Sun God
I am His Mother
Goddess of Roads
God of Ways
He is This
Because I am His Mother
He Opens the Way
Because I Opened the Way
For the Dead to be Wesir
And He Opens the Way
Wepwawet, My Son
For the Sun to Rise
For the Soul to be Transformed
He is there at Sunrise
Wepwawet, My Son
Supporting His Father
Supporting His Mother
Cow Goddess and Wolf Lord
Sun Goddess and Sun Lord
For Wepwawet is a Sun God
Just as Ra is
Just as I am
Solar God, Solar Goddess
He is this because of Me
For Wepwawet is My Son


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