Aset, Auset, Isis, Mystery


Purity has been on my mind as of late. Aset is having me take baths instead of showers and as I soak in water mixed with salt and baking soda, a little by little my energy blocks loosen, unfurl and I am purified. I am aligned again with my souls. All my soul-parts. Yes, including my body for the body is a part of the soul.

Purification isn’t a stagnant state. It isn’t perfection. Or a moral or a value judgement.

It is renewal. It is cleansing and cleaning the body and ka, the ib and ba.

It is from a place in which everything is aligned in equal harmony, in equal balance. It is a place of power and renewal, a place of calm strength and inner knowing. A place of fierce joy and fierce pain. This is where the heart can flow and emotions pour out. For even pain is sacred. Just as much as joy is sacred. This is where our kau can flow into ourselves and into our ancestors and to our Gods.

This mirrors the sunrise and sunset, the transformation of Ra as He travels in the night to be reborn at Dawn. This is where our souls align. This is the Mystery of the transformation of Nut, who is the night sky which devours the sun-god in her watery realm and through her trials, the god emerges, whole and renewed. This is a Mystery of the Ka.

And this is how we become ourselves. Everyday.


Our Shrines

Our Shrines
by JewelofAset

Do you understand what I a shrine does?
Do you really?
A shrine is a conduit for Our power
This is why the statue is the Ba of a God or Goddess
The images are a part of Us
just as anything in creation
Why is it a shrine is less important
than a tree or a rock or an animal?
Are the things you place on Our shrines not sacred?
We are everywhere
In Our shrines
In your homes
In nature
in animals
In the world
Overseeing Our spheres of influence
We are everywhere
But a shrine is a concentrated conduit of Our Power
Our essence
Our statues
Our colors
Our implements
Our candles and incense
have importance
These symbols aid in connection to Us
Do not take them away
Do not believe that they are not sacred
Do not belittle their importance
They are not “just images”
These are Our forms in your world
Everything is sacred
Yes, even what you create
Homes are sacred
Statues are sacred
Candles are sacred
We are sacred
Shrines are the conduits of Our Power
Our Homes in your Houses
Our Houses in your Homes
Do not discard them so easily


Ka and Food

Here is a post by a friend of mine about the Ka and food:

Theology of Lunch.

Aset is a goddess of the Ka as a goddess of family inheritance, ancestral lines and magic. And the Ka inherent in food is how wee feed our souls and nourish our bodies. These are sacred things. The Ka is apart of your soul, it is your life-force and the life-force of everything.

It is also the gift of Wesir and Aset as the deities of harvesting the crops and the growing of food.

Feed your soul. Feed your Ka. Feed your body.

Eat with care.