Aset, Auset, Isis

Aset’s Blessings

Within Islam, God’s blessing is called baraka. It’s the energy one uses in Sufi Muslim healing and it’s a lot like the ancient Egyptian concept of heka (magic, moving life-force).

Aset’s heka, Her blessings have permeated my life. Everything I do is a reflection of Her. Everything I am is a reflection of Her. Because She made me. I am Her daughter. I am Her servant. I am Her Shemsu. I am Her Priestess-in-Training. And I am Her Spirit-Worker.

And I am all of these things in Her Name. It may look to others that I have an eclectic path since I honor other gods and spirits from other pantheons. But all of my work with Oya, Frigga, Brighid and Amaterasu lead back to Aset. Each of them have something to teach me. Aset sent me to them to learn so I would better serve Her. So I would learn their lessons and become whole. Renewed.

I am changing. I am going through the Shaman’s Gate. I am in the midst of my Ordeal. I am growing in ways I never thought possible. All thanks to Her.

And because of this, I know in my heart that I am incomplete without Her. I need Aset like I need to breathe. She is an integral part of my life in all ways. She owns me. As no one else has and as no one else will. She owns me.

And I am satisfied. As the gods are satisfied when They are given offerings. My ka is fed. It fills with Her love. Her embrace envelopes my soul.

I know that this relationship will bring a blessed life. An abundant, enriching life. And I want it. I know Aset will guide my life to where She needs me to be to do the Work She has laid out before me. And I know this means these things:

*She will influence where I live
*She will influence if I have any partners
*She will influence what I do for a living
*She will influence what foods I eat (I have three taboos already: pork, fish, and eggs)
*She will be the center and focus of my spiritual and religious life (and this will limit what I can do with other gods/spirits and what relationships I have with them)

And I accept this. And I also know that I have a say in all of this. She doesn’t want a doormat for a Shemsu. She wants me to be able to speak my mind and negotiate where I need to, but ultimately, my life is in Her hands.

And to be in the arms of Aset is to be protected by the Goddess. And in Her arms I pray. And in Her arms I worship. And in Her arms I am devoted. And in Her arms I am loved.

And in all Her forms and all Her names, I am Hers.


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