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A New Day

A new day has come. Open the shrine and open the Heavens. Light the candle of dawn, awakening. Light the incense of breath and breathe in the fragrance of God and Creation. Pour the waters of the Primordial Ocean so that creation may live.

This is your task when you come to the shrine.

This is the moment where all possibility manifests.

Dawn breaks. Light pours forth, illuminating darkness.

Aset shines as Ra, as the Solar Goddess of dawn.

Her statue is in Heaven, in the Naos, in the shrine.

And all of these are true at this moment.

Sunlight beams. The Ka of creation comes.

Aset is here, now. In this moment. In all moments.

Breathe, as the Ka flows with life-power.
Light beams, so darkness is dispelled.

Creation is renewed.


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