Aset, Auset, Isis

PBP2013: B is for Bau of Aset

The Ba is a part of the soul. We have bau (plural of ba). And the Gods have Bau. There is a Hymn from Philae Temple that states that the bau of Aset is a leopard/panther in every city (1).

The ba of a god is the manifestation of his or her power. Bau of Gods can be natural forces and theophanies (sacred animals). The statues of Gods can also be their bau.

Aset’s bau are numerous.


female panther/leopard
female hippopotamus
female scorpion

Natural Forces

Rivers (esp. the Nile)
Rain (Tears of Aset)
Sopdet (Star Sirius)
Night Sky with stars

All of Her statues would be a manifestation of Herself in our world.

From the Book of the Dead:

Aset the Great, Mother of the God;
Aset the Divine,
Aset the Daughter of Nut, Aset the Great of Magic,
Aset the Possessor of Magical Proection,
Aset the Poessor of Rolls,
Aset who Protected Her Father,
Aset the Ruler of Rolls; Aset in Asyut,
Aset as the ruler of the city of Shesmin,
Aset in Bahbit (Iseum),
Aset in Pe, Aset in Dep, Aset in Coptos,
Aset in charge of Pe, Aset in Akhmin, Aset in Abyods,
Aset in King’s House;
Aset in the Sky, Aset in the earth,
Aset in the south, Aset in the north,
Aset in the west, Aset in the east,
Aset in the southern and northern chapel of Sais,
Aset in the northern chapel of Sais,
Aset in all her Manifestations,
Aset in all her characters,
Aset in all her Aspects,
Aset in every place where her Spirit desires to be (2);

1. Zabkar, Louis V. Hymns to Isis in the Temple at Philae. University Press of New England, 1988. pages 51 and 53.

2. The Book of Coming Forth By Day, trans. By James P. Allen, (Oriental Institute of Chicago, 1948), 119. BOD 142:4.


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