B is for Brighid

It may be weird to talk about a Celtic Goddess Brighid in a blog mostly about Aset. But Aset sent me to Brighid. I tend a Cill shift for Her once a month; I’m a part of the The Cauldron: A Pagan Forum‘s Cill that tends the flame for Brighid.

Here is a link to Aster Breo’s post about Brighid:
B is for Brighid. In this post, Aster links to an interesting website that links to an interesting article about runes that say Braido “Exalted One” aka Brighid in Sweden:
Brighid: Goddess and Saint
This is a very interesting article about Brighid attested in Sweden and how she is connected to St. Lucia. It reminds me of Frigga too, honestly.


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