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Awakening of Aset by the Majesty of Ra

I am trying to write a ritual for Tuesday’s Awakening of Aset festival.

And…I can’t.

I don’t know how. I have never been trained how to write ritual.

I can tell you the basics of water, flame and fragrance in the daily ritual and Zep Tepi. I get those things.

What I don’t know what to do is write a ritual for a specific festival. How do I take “Awakening of Aset by the Majesty of Ra” and turn it into a full ritual?

Doing Senut and then taking Aset’s statue out into the sunlight or lighting candles if no sunlight is available seems like a cop-out. There needs to be something more here.

Like most uniting with Ra festivals, the Eye Goddess unifies with Ra to renew all of creation. She is His daughter here, His Eye of Ra, His Fierce Protectress and the Solar Goddess of the Dawn. She is the Leopard, the Lioness, the Cobra. She’s offered a sistrum (pl. sistra) to pacify Her rage, to dispel evil. She’s offered a mirror to gaze into Her Solar Power and Beauty. She’s offered a Menat to keep the darkness at bay with magical precious stone beads and rattling sounds. She’s praised and hailed as a Goddess whose Power is glorified when She unites with Her Father.

She is Ra’s Power. She is His Flame. He may lead, but She avenges. She destroys the enemies of Ra and Her son and brother. She is armed with a scimitar and a wailing scream that can stop the Sun God in His tracks. She owns His Name.

She is the Goddess of all Magical Power and the authority to rule.

And this is Her time in the light.

How do I even begin to capture this so that others may experience this wonder?


There are many festivals that celebrate An Eye Goddess’s unification with the Sundisk and another festival of Pacifying the Eye Goddess. Wine, sistra and menat-necklaces were offered at Eye Goddess or Distant Goddess feasts and mirrors and sistra were offered at the unification with Ra festivals.

For more information: Willems, Harco, and Filip Coppens, Marleen De Meyer and Peter Dils. The Temple of Shanhur: Volume 1. (Peeters, 2003), 40-42.

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Aset-Sopdet Goes South to the Road

There is a Kemetic Festival coming up on Friday, January 18 called “The Goddess of Heaven Goes South to the Road”. This festival celebrates Aset as the star Sopdet/Sirius at Her half-way Year point. Her helialcal rising came first at New Year in late summer (for me, in August).

Sopdet is bright in the sky this time of Year.

Here is a post by Isidora Forrest, a Priestess-Hierophant of Isis about Sopdet’s brilliance during this time of year.

Star of Isis

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A New Day

A new day has come. Open the shrine and open the Heavens. Light the candle of dawn, awakening. Light the incense of breath and breathe in the fragrance of God and Creation. Pour the waters of the Primordial Ocean so that creation may live.

This is your task when you come to the shrine.

This is the moment where all possibility manifests.

Dawn breaks. Light pours forth, illuminating darkness.

Aset shines as Ra, as the Solar Goddess of dawn.

Her statue is in Heaven, in the Naos, in the shrine.

And all of these are true at this moment.

Sunlight beams. The Ka of creation comes.

Aset is here, now. In this moment. In all moments.

Breathe, as the Ka flows with life-power.
Light beams, so darkness is dispelled.

Creation is renewed.

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A is for Authority

Authority is Power. Authority is magical power in motion. Heka is a form of Ka-force. It is in us and twirls within us. As we breathe, the Ka, the Magic (Heka) moves with us. It rejuvenates us. It renews us. It sustains us and our ancestors.

Aset is the Mistress of this Power. This power is the power of the Ka. The Ka is the vital power, the living essence of our ancestors going back to the Creator Gods; and this power is a part of our own soul.

This is Magic. This is Heka. This is the essence of Aset. This is the Magician. This is the Sorceress. This is the Healer. This is the Great of Magic. This is Her Power.

And this power needs to flow, needs to move. For this power is Ka-power in motion. This is the essence of magic. And this is why Aset is the Goddess of the ancestors and life-force and magical actions that bring about a result.

In order for Aset to renew Wesir, She used Her Heka. Wesir is the Pr-eminent ancestor. All dead are compared to Him for He alone is the God who went through their journey of death into new life in the Duat. And He alone understands what it means to die.

And Aset understands what it means to grieve. And this is another kind of death. Just as Wesir was broken and re-membered, Aset’s sorrow and transformed Her so She too could be renewed from Her tears. She had to face Herself in grief and despair and overcome it to become the Mother She needed to Be. She Herself was the broken One who became Whole. She is like Wesir and Heru-sa-Aset: both broken and mended, both injured and healed.

She has Her authority as Queen of the Dead and Lady of Magic. She pierces two Worlds–all worlds through Her magical prowess. She is the Goddess who knows Herself and owns Her power.

So all Magicians who call upon Aset would be wise to do these two things:

1) Honor Your Ancestors and Your Ka
2) Know Yourself in All Your parts