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Valentine’s Day

So Galina Krasskova, an author, Priest and Northern Tradition Shaman had a post about Valentine’s Day that basically said that we should make this a modern holiday for the many Godddesses and Gods of love, desire, eroticism, romance, sexuality, friendship, etc. So deities like Aphrodite, Hetharu, Aset, Freyja, Eros, Oshun, etc.

I thought this was a wonderful idea. So yesterday, I gave strawberries, a Kit-Kat bar and mead to Aset, cucumbers and red wine to Sekhmet-Mut, green bell peppers and red wine to Nebet Het and coffee and a Kit-Kat bar to Wepwawet. (I honor Them together most days, so I honored Them on V-Day too. I was told to honor my Beloveds equally so if I give an offering to one, I have to give an offering to the other two. My Beloveds within Kemetic Orthodoxy are Nebet Het, Wepwawet, and Sekhmet-Mut. Aset is my Mother, my Spiritual Parent within that system).

I gave Frigga and Freyja Riesling wine and a Kit-Kat. And I gave Riesling wine to Frigga and Aset on the Hearth Shrine They share in my kitchen.
All in all, this was an excellent idea. Thank you, Galina. I can’t wait for next year.


1 thought on “Valentine’s Day”

  1. I really like this idea, there is no reason we cannot add new holidays to the calender 🙂 Although the kemetic holiday of The Feast of the Beautiful Reunion would come pretty close to “our” version of Valentines day i suspect

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