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Isis Magic 10th Anniversary Edition!

Isidora Forrest, author and Priestess of Isis is re-printing her book Isis Magic! You can get a copy a month from now! This is a revised and expanded edition with a few new rituals.

Here are the details!

Isis Magic–Back in Print!

I’m getting my copy next month. How about you?


4 thoughts on “Isis Magic 10th Anniversary Edition!”

    1. I have read the first edition. I don’t know what she’s changed about this new edition, but I did have some issues with the first edition. I don’t use Gimbutas (or maybe it was Murray?) as a source for Pre-historical Goddess worship (There is a section about the Paleolithic Bird Goddess being Isis, iirc). .

      This book is not Kemetic Recon in any way. This book is influenced by Western Magical Traditions and Goddess Religions. She does cite sources which is awesome (600 footnotes in the first edition). She does use Budge too (This isn’t a strike against her perse. I get why many people use Budge. Yes, it is outdated translations. But part of it is just copyright. In order to use any other translation, you have to get permission of the publisher or translator to use it in your book. And that can be very tricky. Budge is public domain.)

      I was impressed that there is a ritual in here for Isis and Ra (which helps one learn their True Name), and Isis as Sopdet. Many Goddess Worshipers I’ve seen dismiss Ra completely so I was very impressed by this. (I went to a ritual to Sekhmet at a local gathering during Samhain—this should tell you how well this went. And they dismissed Ra as an evil Patriarchial figure who took Sekhmet’s Primordial Queenship away….I wish I could say that it got better. It didn’t.) They missed that Sekhmet leaving weakened Ra so She had to come back.

      In the book, Isidora Forrest takes you through rituals to become a Votary, Handmaiden, Priestess, and Magician of Isis. I personally don’t use her rituals in my worship, but they are beautiful and effective rites as attested by the many people who do use them. I am definitely inspired by her work though. And there is plenty in here about Isis’s worship in Greece and Rome.

      1. Thanks for the great review, don’t really think its my thing then if its not very recon.

        That ritual sounds terrible.

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