Hail Tayet, Sovereign of the Gods,
Who Purifies all Gods,
Who Purifies all Goddesses,
May You purify me,
May You prepare me
As You cleanse any God
As You cleanse any Goddess,
Dispel all evil
and free us from terror as Ptah (1).

Tayet is a manifestation or some say, a syncretization of/with Aset called Aset-Tayet. Aset as Tayet is the Goddess over purification, cleansing and weaving the linen wrappings of the dead.

Purity is a physical state for me. If I’m physically pure then i often times also feel pure mentally too. I find that also keeping my home clean helps with this as well.

Things I do to purify my home:
*I clean my home once or twice a week
*I bathe with salt and baking soda (and soap!) before the KO Ritual of the Senut
*I offer to my House-Wight/Home Spirit.
*I keep a Hearth Shrine to Frigga and Aset

(1) Goyon, Jean-Claude. Confirmation du Pouvoir Royal au Nouvel an : Brooklyn Museum papyrus 47.218.50. (Institut Francais D’Archeologie Orientale et Brooklyn Museum, 1972), 53-54. Translated by me.


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