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PBP2013: D is for Devotional Practice

Devotional practice is a huge part of my…practice. I do ritual for Aset, light candles, incense (essential oil for me due to migraines) and I give offerings of food and drink. I have shrines throughout my home. I have a Hearth Shrine with Frigga statue and an Aset suckling Heru statue in my kitchen. I have two candles on it, one for each Goddess and a bowl for liquid offerings (mostly Riesling Wine or Juice or Water). I try to give an offering at least twice a week if not more. I try to do more, but sometimes I just don’t have the spoons or I forget.

I have a larger shrine for Aset in my bedroom. I have two statues, animal-theophany figurines, candles, a blue with stars oil diffuser, a sistrum, a bowl for water libations, a saki-pitcher to hold the water before it is poured, a fire-starter, and a Prayer-Jar.

Tending a shrine with ritual and offerings is one way of doing devotional practice. There are other ways. I translate hymns for Aset from academic books often in French and German. I read books on Her. I honor my ancestors. I write on this blog. I do Oracle Readings. I write ritual for Aset.

And I do more mundane things. I shower on a daily basis. I clean my home. I clean my shrines. I do laundry. Yes, laundry. Dressing in many bright colors (especially blue, white and yellow) is a part of my devotional work for Aset. I make necklaces and I wear necklaces of Aset on certain days. I eat certain foods (green peppers, strawberries, chocolate milk and chicken or beef or shrimp) and have some taboos (pork, fish and eggs by themselves).

I watch T.V. shows that make me happy. I feed my heart and Ka with what I love.

And this honors my Goddess and myself.


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