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Hail Sister

A Syrian Pagan named Yana was dragged out in the street, raped and killed by Islamic Fundamentalists in Syria. Her own brother turned her in for being Pagan.

I don’t have words for the rage I feel inside or the sorrow.

In Yana’s Name

Fall of a Syrian Pagan

And Thorn Coyle’s essay:

Standing as Pagans, In Yana’s Name

Hail Yana, Daughter of the Gods and Goddesses
of your heart and home
May you be welcomed in the Halls of the Blessed Dead
May the ancestors welcome you.
May the Gods and Goddesses welcome you.
May the Spirits welcome you.
May you be honored.
May you be hailed.
For Yana, blessed woman of courage and faith.
May you be hailed.
Welcome to your new journey.
Welcome to your new home.
Blessed be your journey.

Aset, Auset, Isis, Oracles, Poems, Poetry,

Breathe Your Name

You are breathing. You are doing something divine. Air flows through you. Your Ka lives. Your limbs awaken and you move.

The power flows. The Ka flows. The divine essence in you moves.

And you live.

This is the power of the Ka and of the voice. This is the essence of your Name.

Your Name is etched in Ka-Fire. In the power of speech.

Now. Now.

Child, why do you not see? Child, why do you not know?

The Ka embrace is just this.

Every time you breathe, you are giving yourself a hug.

Your Name flows through you. The Divine Name We gave you. Our Names intertwined with yours.

The Parent of your Ka is the one who made the Name. Who made all Names.

The Creator creates. And We are emanations of Him. Or Her.

Ra is My Father’s Name. Nut is My Mother’s.

These Names I carry in My Ka. Just as you carry the Names of your mother and father. Just as you carry the Names of your Gods and Goddesses. You carry their Names too.

And you breathe. This divine act makes you live.

And you live.

Freyja, Names and Epithets

PBP2013: F is for Freyja’s Titles

Freyja’s Titles

Vanadis–Lady of the Vanir or Dis of the Vanir
Heidr–Bright One
Mardoll–One Who Makes the Sea Swell
Most Glorious of the Asynjur
Most Glorious of the Goddesses
Highest in Rank Next to Frigga
Bride of the Vanir
Goddess of the Vanir
Wife of Od
Sister of Freyr
Daughter of Njord
Mother of Hnoss
Possessor of the Fallen Slain and of Sessrumnir
Of Brisingamen
Van-Lady or Lady of the Vanir
Fair Tear Deity
Holy Being
Noble Lady
Priestess of the Vanir
Beautiful Sun

Queen of Folkvangr
Queen of Sessrumnir
Lady of the Brisingamen
Golden Lady
Lady of Wealth
Lady of Prosperity
Lady of Beauty
Lady of Magic
Witch Queen
Death Goddess
Lady of Desire
Sexual Goddess
Goddess of Sex
Goddess of the Disir
Lady of Battle
Goddess of Sovereignty
Warrior Queen
Beautiful Lady
Goddess of Power
Goddess of War
Goddess of Unmarried Women
Goddess of Women
Cunning Lady
Mistress of Felines
Lady of Odin
Lady of Childbirth
Lady of Seidr
Lady of Ritual Sacrifice
Lady of Power
Lady of Magical Power
Goddess of Fertility
Lady of Fire
Fierce Goddess
Fierce as Fire
Lady of Gold
Lady of Amber
Lady of Love
Lady of Tears of Gold
Lady of Tears of Amber
Lady of the Boar
Lady of the Falcon Cloak
Lady of Mysteries
Seidkona of the Gods and Goddesses
Lady of the Northern Lights

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