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D is for Doing the Work

Doing the Work is mending your soul. Tears of the Nile flow. The Heart bursts into flames. These are the cleansers of the Ka.

These are what you need in order to re-new your soul.

Re-make yourself. Who do you want to be? Who are you now? Where do you wish to go from here?

This is not a list of facts. This is a state of being.

How does your Ka flow through your body? When can you breathe? When can’t you? Breathing means your Ka flows. Halted breath is a barrier in your energy-flow.

Breathe. Breath is a manifestation of your Ka. So is Desire. This is the life-force. This is what connects your souls.

This is where you need to re-build.

Breathe. Pray. Light Candles. Offer to Goddesses and Gods. Perform Ritual. Clean your home.

These will all help.

But to become who you are you must first breathe.


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