Aset, Auset, Isis

PBP 2013: E is for Eye of Ra

The Roaring Golden Lioness. Slithering cobra. Bright Star. Spotted Leopard of the Night Stars.

These are the manifestations of Aset as the Eye of Ra. Being an Eye of Ra, means Aset has ruler-ship over the sun, sunlight, the stars, fire, and Sopdet. (One of Sopdet’s titles is Eye of Ra. Sopdet is a title of Aset, Hetharu and Bast among other Goddesses. If that doesn’t make your head hurt…)

This also makes Her a goddess of the solar cycle during the day, year and also during each night. This is a process of renewal of creation. Even at night. Transformation of the soul. Transformation of righteous anger.
These are a part of Her Mysteries.

To know Aset as an Eye of Ra, court the flame and let the fire burn your entropy away. Become whole.


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