Frigga, Names and Epithets

PBP2013: F is for Frigga’s Titles

Frigga’s Titles

First of the Asynjur
First of the Goddesses
Mother of the Gods
Mother of Baldr
Wife of Odin
Mother-in-Law of Nanna
Queen of the Aesir and Asynjur
Queen of the Gods and Goddesses
Of Fulla and Falcon Form and Fensalir
Weaver of Clouds
Holy Being

Her Hypostasises or Handmaidens
Sjofn–Attraction, Love
Lofn–Permission or Blessing of Forbidden Love
Var–One who hears Oaths or Ward
Syn–Guardian of Doors
Snotra–Bride or Lady; Etiquette
Fulla–Keeper of the Secrets, Treasures and Footwear of Frigga
Gna–Frigga’s Messenger who rides on a horse Hoof-Flourisher (Hofvarpnir)

Divine Mother
Queen of Heaven
Ruler of Heaven
Marriage Goddess
Goddess of Fertility
Who shares Odin’s High Seat Hlidjskaf
Mother of Mothers
Lady of Frith
Weeping Mother
Mourning Mother
Lady of Stars
Orion’s Goddess
Hearth Mother
Lady of the Hearth-Fire
Lady of the House
Lady of the Home
Lady of House-Wives
Lady of Midwives
Lady of Mothers
Lady of Women
Domestic Goddess
Goddess of Families
Goddess of Childbirth
Lady of the Distaff
Lady of the Spinning Wheel
Lady of the Spindle
Lady of the Falcon Cloak
Lady of the Threads of Fate
Lady of Crafts
Earth Goddess
Lady of the Marsh-Hall
Lady of the Sea-Bed
Queen of Fensalir
Queen of Asgard
Witch Queen
Lady of Mysteries
Lady of Fate
Lady of Storms
Lady of the Wild Hunt
Silent Goddess
Goddess of Hearth-Magic
Goddess of Ancestors
Dis of the Aesir
Goddess of Kings
Cunning Lady
Beautiful Lady
All Mighty Queen


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