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Breathe Your Name

You are breathing. You are doing something divine. Air flows through you. Your Ka lives. Your limbs awaken and you move.

The power flows. The Ka flows. The divine essence in you moves.

And you live.

This is the power of the Ka and of the voice. This is the essence of your Name.

Your Name is etched in Ka-Fire. In the power of speech.

Now. Now.

Child, why do you not see? Child, why do you not know?

The Ka embrace is just this.

Every time you breathe, you are giving yourself a hug.

Your Name flows through you. The Divine Name We gave you. Our Names intertwined with yours.

The Parent of your Ka is the one who made the Name. Who made all Names.

The Creator creates. And We are emanations of Him. Or Her.

Ra is My Father’s Name. Nut is My Mother’s.

These Names I carry in My Ka. Just as you carry the Names of your mother and father. Just as you carry the Names of your Gods and Goddesses. You carry their Names too.

And you breathe. This divine act makes you live.

And you live.


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