Hail Sister

A Syrian Pagan named Yana was dragged out in the street, raped and killed by Islamic Fundamentalists in Syria. Her own brother turned her in for being Pagan.

I don’t have words for the rage I feel inside or the sorrow.

In Yana’s Name

Fall of a Syrian Pagan

And Thorn Coyle’s essay:

Standing as Pagans, In Yana’s Name

Hail Yana, Daughter of the Gods and Goddesses
of your heart and home
May you be welcomed in the Halls of the Blessed Dead
May the ancestors welcome you.
May the Gods and Goddesses welcome you.
May the Spirits welcome you.
May you be honored.
May you be hailed.
For Yana, blessed woman of courage and faith.
May you be hailed.
Welcome to your new journey.
Welcome to your new home.
Blessed be your journey.


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