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Mine Enemy, Myself

We are our worst enemies. We tear ourselves down. We berate ourselves for the tiniest mistakes. We erode our own souls.

This has to stop.

What in you brightens? What in you rejoices? Do that.

Do you love translating? Do so.

Do you love hiking? Do so.

Do you love painting? Do so.

Do the things that strengthen your soul. Do the things that matter to you. If you die, what do you want to be remembered for? Do that.

Do what you love. Let the fire of desire mend your souls.

Let the power of starlight shine within you.

Burn brightly.

Mend. Mend. Mend.

Fire cleanses. Fire heals.

Become who you are. Shine the light of your inner stars.

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PBP 2013: E is for Eye of Ra

The Roaring Golden Lioness. Slithering cobra. Bright Star. Spotted Leopard of the Night Stars.

These are the manifestations of Aset as the Eye of Ra. Being an Eye of Ra, means Aset has ruler-ship over the sun, sunlight, the stars, fire, and Sopdet. (One of Sopdet’s titles is Eye of Ra. Sopdet is a title of Aset, Hetharu and Bast among other Goddesses. If that doesn’t make your head hurt…)

This also makes Her a goddess of the solar cycle during the day, year and also during each night. This is a process of renewal of creation. Even at night. Transformation of the soul. Transformation of righteous anger.
These are a part of Her Mysteries.

To know Aset as an Eye of Ra, court the flame and let the fire burn your entropy away. Become whole.

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Here are excellent articles on the Orisha Yemaya.

And here is an invocation translated by Caroline Dow:
“Yemanjá, Queen of the Earth, Goddess of the Sea. The Crown that our Lord Oxalá* has conferred upon you brings love and happiness. Beautiful Lady, come to me. All hail! Goddess of Prosperity, I invoke you to descend to this earthly plane and visit me, o thou Queen of the Earth, Goddess of the Sea!”

Here are Caroline Dow’s articles on Yemaya:

Yemanja Day is Here

Yemanja Continued

More on Yemanja

Final Thoughts on Yemanja

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KRT: Patron Deity 101

Here are the questions for this week’s Kemetic Round Table project.

Do I need a main deity to practice Kemeticism? If so, how do I get a main deity?

No. Many people do fine without it. I’m really deity-focused in my practice so I’m not sure how, but some people do. I’ve seen shrines with ankhs or Ma’at symbols instead of specific Gods and Goddesses before. So it can be done.

You could also honor certain deities associated with certain things in your life. Honor Taweret and Bes as Household Gods. Bast or Hetharu may fill this role as well along with Aset in some cases. Do you have a profession? People who work with computers may want to call upon Djehuty, librarians or construction workers may want to call upon Seshat, students or magicians may want to call upon Aset or Djehuty, athletes or people who have an exercise routine may want to call upon Set or Heru Wer or Sekhmet to bless them in their activities.

Am I able to say no to a deity that shows up at my shrine?

Yes, you can say no. But do so politely. And also be ready to accept the consequences of saying no. Sometimes that deity will pester you more to get your attention. Most deities show up for a reason. I’d ask for that reason or more information first (I’d suggest a diviner for this).

Am I obligated to learn everything I can about my main deity?

Why would you honor a deity you know nothing about? Why are you honoring that deity?

My patron or my Spiritual Mother is Aset. I have a patron Goddess. I’ve been enamored with Her since grade school so I knew who mine was. Others may not. I have spent the past 10 years researching Her. I love it. It is part of my Work for Her. It took me a few years to realize that the Kemetic Aset and the Classical Isis–while They can be connected as one came from the other, but there is an Aset without Isis. The Kemetic Aset is a solar deity, an Eye of Ra and a cunning, ruthless, powerful Goddess. Isis is a lunar deity, a goddess of the sea, ships and is more motherly.

You don’t have to get a PhD in your Patron Deity, but at least know who He or She is before you start to honor Him/Her. If you start to honor Aset and you don’t know that She has high standards and She will push you to face yourself to be the best you can be. Then that’s going to be a rude wake-up call for you when She starts to push you to better yourself.

Knowing who you are calling upon helps tremendously. Read about your deity. Ask others who honor that deity about their experiences.

Here is the Master List for this topic: KRT: Patron Gods

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D is for Doing the Work

Doing the Work is mending your soul. Tears of the Nile flow. The Heart bursts into flames. These are the cleansers of the Ka.

These are what you need in order to re-new your soul.

Re-make yourself. Who do you want to be? Who are you now? Where do you wish to go from here?

This is not a list of facts. This is a state of being.

How does your Ka flow through your body? When can you breathe? When can’t you? Breathing means your Ka flows. Halted breath is a barrier in your energy-flow.

Breathe. Breath is a manifestation of your Ka. So is Desire. This is the life-force. This is what connects your souls.

This is where you need to re-build.

Breathe. Pray. Light Candles. Offer to Goddesses and Gods. Perform Ritual. Clean your home.

These will all help.

But to become who you are you must first breathe.

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Ancient Egyptian Daybook

Tamara Siuda, Egyptologist and author has started a project on Kickstarter about a book she is writing about the Ancient Egyptian calendar. The initial goal was already met in two hours! Now there are stretch goals such as a spiral bound blank calendar book and a mobile app (that will calculate this mess for you).

Here is the link: Ancient Egyptian Daybook.

Please donate if you can. This project will be useful for Kemetics and anyone who just loves ancient Egypt.