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Today is the day. Make your dreams come true.

Decide. Act. Form a plan.

Action makes one who they are.

Not stagnation. Not idleness.

Action feeds the soul.

To breathe is to feed the Ka. To breathe is to renew your life-force.

To do. To pursue your dreams, your hopes and conquer your fears.

You are what you do.

Become who you are by doing what your heart dictates. Not your fear.

Your heart guides you because your ka feeds it. Your Ka flows through your heart as blood. Did you think this was just a force without a physical manifestation?

Blood is Ka-Power. And it must stay in your body to stay alive. Blood leaving the body is dead. There is no Ka-force there.

Your heart pumps your Ka-force throughout your body.

Live. Live. Live.

Let the blood flow, the heart pump and your actions reflect the flow of your souls.


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