Aset, Auset, Isis, Oracles, Poems, Poetry,

Animal, Human, Divine

You are a person with three souls.

Animal. Human. Divine.

Ka. Ba. Ib.

Otherkin have souls, just as everyone does.

Everyone is made up of many souls, many parts.

These parts can manifest in various ways, in various forms, in various manifestations.

There is not one way to be. To exist.

All souls align. All souls embrace the heart.

The heart is the seat of will. And Power flows through this.

All are sacred. All divine.

You do not think We have animal souls, child?

What do you think our Bau are?

I am the Hawk.

I am the Kite.

I am the Scorpion.

I am the Lioness.

I am the Cow.

I am the Leopard.

I am the Cobra.

I am the Panther.

I am the Snake.

I am the Vulture.

And these are manifestations of My souls.

These Bau are manifestations of Our souls.

Just as your Bau are manifestations of yours.

Why do you think We are not the same?

We created you.

You are manifestations of Our Power.

Our Kau flow through you.

And you exist.

As myriad beings. As complex as We are.

You exist.

We exist.

You are as complex as We are.

And We each manifest as all Ourselves.

We are human. We are animals. We are divine.

And so are you.


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