Aset, Auset, Isis

Kemetic Round Table: Daily Life

How does being a Kemetic effect your daily life? Does it?

Yes, this does effect my daily life. It effects how early I get up in the morning in order to do ritual for Aset. It effects my writing; I’m writing a devotional book, an oracle book and translating hymns for a Hymnal book for Aset.

It effects what I eat. Aset has given me taboos and has suggested I eat certain foods (mostly unprocessed and healthy). When I shop for groceries, I get food that the Gods and Goddesses have told me They would like as offerings (Strawberries, milk, Riesling wine and pastries for Aset; red wine for Sekhmet-Mut, Bast and Oya; coffee for Wepwawet; Riesling wine for many Goddesses/Orisha such as Aset, Frigga, Freyja and Yemaya;).

It effects my finances. What do I spend money on? Do I buy a statue, a shrine item or a book?

I clean my home once a week for the Gods and Goddesses of my hearth and home.

Do you do things differently than you used to because of your faith/religion?

Yes. I am a better person now than I have been in a long while. I am healing my soul, aligning my souls so that I can walk in my own power and eventually help others do the same.

I am better able to manage my depression, anxiety and stress levels. I’m kinder to myself. I feel more worthy as a person and a human being. This has healed me in ways I can’t seem to express well in words.

Master list for this project: Kemetic Roundtable: Daily Life


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