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PBP2013: G is for Liminal Goddess

You do not understand, child.
The way is not for you to decide
It is Mine
I am the Mistress of Roads
I am the Mother of Wepwawet
I am the Seeker of the Sacred at the Shaman’s Gate
This is who I am
as the Goddess of liminal spaces
I am Lady of the West, Goddess of the Duat, Queen of the Dead
I am the Lady of Burial and the Mummy’s shroud
I am the Goddess of the Rebirth of the Sun
I am the Goddess of the Journey of Stars
The Roads are Mine
As the Queen of Heaven and Lady of All the Stars
This is the Way to the Duat
This is the realm you travel to in your dreams
And this is My realm
this is My domain
I am the Goddess here
I am the Tree Goddess
I am the Cow Goddess
I am the Hippopotamus Goddess
I am the Mistress of Stars
I am the Lady of the Duat
I am the link between the worlds
as the Tree that connects them
as the Cow who transforms those who cross
as the Hippo who gave birth to Stars
I am the Mystery
I am the Goddess of Many Names, of Many Forms
I am the Star Goddess
of creation and the transformation of the souls
I am the Goddess of Dreams and of Magic
I am the Goddess of the Ka-Power of the Ancestors
I am the Magician who walks in Her own Power
through all the worlds

Aset, Auset, Isis

Kemetic Round Table: Daily Life

How does being a Kemetic effect your daily life? Does it?

Yes, this does effect my daily life. It effects how early I get up in the morning in order to do ritual for Aset. It effects my writing; I’m writing a devotional book, an oracle book and translating hymns for a Hymnal book for Aset.

It effects what I eat. Aset has given me taboos and has suggested I eat certain foods (mostly unprocessed and healthy). When I shop for groceries, I get food that the Gods and Goddesses have told me They would like as offerings (Strawberries, milk, Riesling wine and pastries for Aset; red wine for Sekhmet-Mut, Bast and Oya; coffee for Wepwawet; Riesling wine for many Goddesses/Orisha such as Aset, Frigga, Freyja and Yemaya;).

It effects my finances. What do I spend money on? Do I buy a statue, a shrine item or a book?

I clean my home once a week for the Gods and Goddesses of my hearth and home.

Do you do things differently than you used to because of your faith/religion?

Yes. I am a better person now than I have been in a long while. I am healing my soul, aligning my souls so that I can walk in my own power and eventually help others do the same.

I am better able to manage my depression, anxiety and stress levels. I’m kinder to myself. I feel more worthy as a person and a human being. This has healed me in ways I can’t seem to express well in words.

Master list for this project: Kemetic Roundtable: Daily Life

Aset, Auset, Isis, Oracles, Poems, Poetry,

Animal, Human, Divine

You are a person with three souls.

Animal. Human. Divine.

Ka. Ba. Ib.

Otherkin have souls, just as everyone does.

Everyone is made up of many souls, many parts.

These parts can manifest in various ways, in various forms, in various manifestations.

There is not one way to be. To exist.

All souls align. All souls embrace the heart.

The heart is the seat of will. And Power flows through this.

All are sacred. All divine.

You do not think We have animal souls, child?

What do you think our Bau are?

I am the Hawk.

I am the Kite.

I am the Scorpion.

I am the Lioness.

I am the Cow.

I am the Leopard.

I am the Cobra.

I am the Panther.

I am the Snake.

I am the Vulture.

And these are manifestations of My souls.

These Bau are manifestations of Our souls.

Just as your Bau are manifestations of yours.

Why do you think We are not the same?

We created you.

You are manifestations of Our Power.

Our Kau flow through you.

And you exist.

As myriad beings. As complex as We are.

You exist.

We exist.

You are as complex as We are.

And We each manifest as all Ourselves.

We are human. We are animals. We are divine.

And so are you.

Aset, Auset, Isis, Oracles, Poems, Poetry,


Today is the day. Make your dreams come true.

Decide. Act. Form a plan.

Action makes one who they are.

Not stagnation. Not idleness.

Action feeds the soul.

To breathe is to feed the Ka. To breathe is to renew your life-force.

To do. To pursue your dreams, your hopes and conquer your fears.

You are what you do.

Become who you are by doing what your heart dictates. Not your fear.

Your heart guides you because your ka feeds it. Your Ka flows through your heart as blood. Did you think this was just a force without a physical manifestation?

Blood is Ka-Power. And it must stay in your body to stay alive. Blood leaving the body is dead. There is no Ka-force there.

Your heart pumps your Ka-force throughout your body.

Live. Live. Live.

Let the blood flow, the heart pump and your actions reflect the flow of your souls.