PBP2013: I is for Isfet

Isfet is a Kemetic concept that is often described as “uncreation” or the “opposite of Ma’at”. This force is connected to Apep and one is an agent of the other.

The Gods and Goddesses, Aset among Them, fight Apep every night and defeat it come the dawn. Ra, Aset and Set are instrumental in this act.

So, the Gods and Goddesses hold evil at bay. But what is it? And how do we fight it in our daily lives?

I’m not an expert on this by any means, but I feel compelled to contemplate this so hear are my thoughts.

Anytime you do not create because of fear, you are not bringing into existence what could be made manifest. Think about that for a minute. We are agents of creation too. We create art, beauty, what is desired. If we don’t do this, who will? Only you can be who you are. Only you can do what you do.

Who will do this if you do not?

It does not matter how subjectively “good” or not it is. There is no one idealistic perfection here and everything else is meaningless. Plurality is the essence of creation. Think about this for a minute.

First there was Nun the Primordial Ocean or Waters. A God or Goddess came out of those Waters and created the First Sunrise, the First spark of Life. And then as the sun has many rays, the Creator or Creatrix created many. Or as one myth puts it, “one became millions”. There are many Gods and Goddesses with many manifestations. Nature is filled with their various theophanies and other natural manifestations. The One Became a Multitude.

This is the essence of creation.

Differentiation from Nun, from Oneness.

Plurality is what maintains creation.

So the next time someone tells you, you should be honoring only this One True Way, remind them that creation is maintained by many. Not One Single Thing.

For that is what Isfet/Apep wants. Singleness. Oneness. Undifferentiatedness. So that Creation does not exist. So that Creation never happened. So that all existence, including the Gods and Goddesses Themselves could be Un-named, Unmade, Uncreated. So that They (and We) never were.

There is no One True Way. There is no One True Voice.

There are many voices and many ways.

And all lead to the creation of what could be.


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