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PBP2013: I is for Indigenous Goddess

This post was inspired by Galina Krasskova’s post here: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Theories

Aset is a Goddess of ancient Egypt (Kemet to its people); she is a Goddess with Egyptian origins and Egyptian attributes. She is a Goddess of Kingship, Magic/Heka (life-power), authority and power, ancestral traditions, the dead, the fertility of the land, the Nile river and the rains, the sun, the star Sopdet, the Night Sky and its stars, and many more attributes. She is a multifaceted Goddess with many faces and many names.

She’s a complex Goddess. Many people first coming to Aset or Kemetic Religion may ask the question: “How do you know She is real?”

Many ancient cultures and indigenous religions would not fathom asking that question. They had an active community in perpetual right relationship with their Gods and Goddesses. And even if they went to other lands they honored those lands’ deities as well as their own. It was a part of creation that the deities were and are real.

The question isn’t “Is She real?”. Pondering their existence or lack thereof is irrelevant. One’s lack of belief or even my belief doesn’t make Her any less real. She is a Goddess: a sentient, independent, incorporeal entity. She exists whether or not I believe in Her. They are real. She is real. Now what? The question is “How do you maintain a good relationship with Her?”

Beginning a relationship with Aset or any deity, is like learning a new skill. It takes time and practice.

Make a shrine. Do a simple ritual. Light a candle. Light incense or essential oil. Give offerings.

Do this consistently. Once a day. Once a month. Once a week. Once a year, even. For this is the method of right relationship. This is how good relationships with Holy Powers are maintained.

And when this happens, blessings flow. The Goddess grants Her blessings to those who honor Her. And one’s life will be imbued with Her Presence.

And the question will become “How can I believe in Her? How can I not?”


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