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I am Not Hetharu/Hathor

I am Not Hetharu
by JewelofAset

I am not Hathor
I am not Hetharu
the Goddess of Motherhood, Sex and Love
These are Her domains
Not Mine
Not Mine
Not Mine
We are both Goddesses of Creation
We both gave birth to the Sun God
We are Ladies of the West
We transition from life to death
But, child
We are not the same
I am not Hetharu
and She is not Me
We have much in common
Her and I
and places where We may overlap
even syncretize
as Aset-Hetharu or Hetharu-Aset
But We are not the same Goddess
We are not interchangeable
When you call upon Me
you are not also
calling upon Her
unless We are coming
as One in Our syncretic form
I am the Goddess of authority, magical power and ancestral lineage
Hetharu is the Goddess of motherhood, pleasure and love
I am the Single Mother
I raised My child alone
Hetharu is not a single mother
She has a husband and a son
I am the Goddess of Love
when it is family love or friendship
Not for lovers
Not for romance
Unless you intend to be as dedicated to your Love
as I am to Wesir
And He died
Why would you ask Me for something
that I loved and lost?
I am the Sorrowful Wife!
I am the Mourning Woman!
Do you want to become a widow?
Why are you asking Me for this?
I am Not Hetharu
I am Not Hathor
She is the Goddess of romantic love
I am the Goddess of childbirth
because children carry on the ancestral lineage of their parents
I am not the Goddess of conception
I am not the Goddess of the bedroom
That is for Hathor
That is for Hetharu
Not Me


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