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Link and Our Hands, Eyes and Ears

Kiya Nicoll has posted a blog post about honoring humanity and the dead. Bone Stories

Here is my poem inspired by Kiya’s post.

Our Hands, Eyes and Ears

To do is to be in this world.
This is a sacred thing.
You need to do in order to know.
Thinking does not help the hungry.
Thinking does not give boats to the boatless.
Thinking does not feed the people.
Doing does this.
Be in this world that We created.
Act in this world.
Be Our Hands.
Be Our Eyes.
Be Our Ears.
Be Our Mouths.
Hold those who need shelter.
Watch those who need protection.
Listen to those who are in pain.
Speak to those who need to hear.
Renewing Our Cults, Our Worship is one form of devotion.
But if all you do, is be in Our shrines,
how will you be
Our Hands
Our Eyes
Our Ears
Our Mouths
in this world?


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