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Those Who Would Be Priests

Those Who Would Be Priests

by JewelofAset

Priesthood calls those who wish to serve. They wish to be of service to others and their Gods.

This takes work. Ritual. Dedication. Refinement.

And this takes the alignment of the souls.

To be a Priest or Priestess you must be mended. You must be made whole. In order to do this work you must know who you are.

And this means confronting who you are. In all your glory and in all your beauty, as well as the darker parts that lay hidden buried in fear, anxiety, doubt, and things that keep you from yourself. Things that keep you buried from the light of your own star, your own soul.

In order to become a Priest you must do this work first. And if you do not, then be prepared for it afterward. For no one who serves can escape themselves. And no one who serves can escape Me.

For I am the One Who Mends. Did I not bring back Wesir? Did I not reassemble Him so that He could be whole in the Duat as King? Will I not reassemble you, My child?

What makes you think I will not help you become who you are?

This is who I am. I bring life to the lifeless. I mend those who are broken. I bring Light forth from Darkness.

I am Aset-Sopdet. I am the Star Goddess. I shine in the Night Sky as My Mother. I shine in the night sky as all the stars. The stars are the sun of night.

I am the Stellar and Solar Goddess of both Night and Day. I bring flame to those who need transformation. I bring light to those who need life.

Through magic I do these things. Through ritual transformation occurs. Do not think you can come to My threshold unchanged. I will make you who you are.

If you are a Priest be prepared for this. If you are thinking of Priesthood, be aware of this. For We do not let go of Priests so casually. Those who are Mine will always be Mine.

Those who are Priests will must go through the transformation of Sopdet. They will come forth-shining-and descend into darkness-transformed with water and flame, with tears and starlight. And they will come forth again-renewed, whole.

They will shine as as a star reflecting their own inner light.


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