Link: Birthday of Aset

Here is a great post about the 4th Extra Day or the Birthday of Aset/Isis.

The Epagomenoi: Birth of Aset


Link: Isis: A Multi-Cultural Goddess

This is a good article about the writings of Aset/Isis out of Egypt.

Isis: A Multi-Cultural Goddess.


Link: Reconstruction and Mysticism

Author Kiya Nicoll has posted about reconstruction and mysteries at Hills of the Horizon: Reconstruction and Mysticism


PBP2013: K is for Kemetic Calendar

Here is a great post about Kemetic Calendars by Bastemhet:
Kemetic Calendar.

Another good post about Kemetic Calendars from Making Bright:
The Big Fancy Kemetic Calendar Post.

I’m working on a Festival Calendar for Aset/Isis specifically. I’m including Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) and Greek/Roman festivals for Her here.

Here are the sources I have used so far:

Temple Festival Calendars by Sherif El-Sabban

Ancient Egyptian Magic by Bob Brier (for the Cairo Calendar)

The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook by Tamara Siuda. And her Daybook, when it is out.

The Calendars of Ancient Egypt
by Richard Parker

Cauville, Sylvie. Le Temple de Dendara: Traduction XV. Peeters, 2012.

J. Gwyn Griffiths, Apuleius of Madaurus: The Isis-Book: (Metamorphoses, Book XI). Brill, 1975.

Isis in the Ancient World
by R. E. Witt

The Cult of Isis in the Roman Empire by Malcolm Drew Donalson

The Histories by Herodotus

Description of Greece: Volume IV: Books 8.22-10 by Pausanias

Feasts of Light by Normandi Ellis


Devo’s Post: Wep Ronpet or the Kemetic New Year

Here is a great post about the Extra Days Upon the Year (Birthdays of Wesir, Heru Wer, Set, Aset and Nebet Het) and Wep Ronpet or the Kemetic New Year.

Wep Ronpet: A Guide

I wanted to add that there are prayers to say to each deity on their Birthday on the Cairo Calendar in Bob Brier’s book Ancient Egyptian Magic page 252.