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PBP 2013: L is for Links

I have not updated here in awhile. I have been sick or not feeling well. Or I have had lack of energy. Anyway, here is a links post for my latest Pagan Blog Project post.

I’m still working on re-gaining my energy levels.

Anyway, here are some links.

Here is a post about statues in Aset/Isis worship by Priestess and Author Isidora Forrest. I don’t like the term idolatry itself because of its pejorative meaning, but it is a good post. Idolatry, Yes!

Sannion wrote a post about polytheism and community.
Polytheism Without Borders

Here is a link to the Ancient Egyptian Daybook (ancient Egyptian Festival Calendar) project by Tamara Siuda, Egyptologist, author and spiritual leader: Ancient Egyptian Daybook.


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