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Food of Life

Eating is a sacred act. Sharing food is a sacred endeavor. You do not break bread with someone who would defile this act. Choose who you eat with carefully. For the bonds of friendship and community are forged with food.

Sharing food is sharing life-power. The making of food. The cooking of food. These are sacred acts.

Food feeds the body. Food feeds the soul. It is nourishment for the Ka.

To deny someone food is to deny them being human. This is sacrilegious. This is against the Gods. This takes away their sustenance. This diminishes life power. This denies what is rightfully theirs. All have a right to life for all have kau.

To deny yourself food is to deny your own humanity. To deny your own Ka power. This does not mean allergies or food-illness.

Eat. Eat what you love. Eat what your body allows you to consume.

Give thanks to the Gods of Grain and Gods of Plenty. Give thanks to the Gods of Sun and the Gods of Sunlight. Give thanks to the Gods of the rich soiled earth and the Gods and Spirits of Plants that grow. Give thanks to the Gods of Life for the food that is before you.

Do not waste their gift. For life is always a gift.

Eat and share with those you love.

Be filled with joy.


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