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Oracle: Do What You Have Been Asked

Do What You Have Been Asked

by JewelofAset

What do you think you’re doing?
What ritual do you think you’re performing?
What do you think Heka is, dear child?
Do you think it will affect nothing?
You’re doing a ritual. Rituals enact change.
Say that again. Rituals enact change.
If you are doing a ritual and nothing happens, you are not doing it successfully.
When you ask Us to change something, We will change something.
Heka is Ka-Power. Heka is Ka-Power.
What is the Ka? The Ka is life-Power. Breathe.
The breath just re-invigorated your Ka.
The same thing happens.
What made you think that it would be different?
Did you think Heka would cease to be Heka?
What are you doing, dear child?
When you ask for change and it is given, why are you surprised?
I am the Goddess of All Magical Power.
All of this Ka-Power is under My domain.
All of it.
Why are you asking Me for My Power without giving Me My due?
Where is My shrine in your home?
Where is My shrine?
Where is My shrine?
Where are My magical tools?
Where are the implements you use when you ask for My aid?
Where is My water? Where is My flame? Where is My fragrance?
Where are My offerings?
Where are the offerings to your dead?
Yes, that is your Ka-Power as well.
The Ka-Power, the Heka of the Family Line.
Why do you not honor your dead?
Even the dead you cannot remember will hear you.
They will respond.
Why do you ask for My power, when honor is not given to the Ka?
By this I mean, the Ka of your family which is the Ka of your soul.
You carry the essence of your ancestors just as they carried it.
Why do you ask for My power if you do not give reverence to the One Who Rules it?
How am I supposed to help you, dear child?
How am I supposed to help you?
You are not doing what you have been asked.
Do what you have been asked.
And then I will help you.


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