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I found a candle holder of a winged Aset holding two candle holders shaped like pots.

Now pots are one of the headdresses of Nut.

So, this statue/candle holder makes me think of Aset-Nut.

Here is the link:


2 thoughts on “Aset-Nut?”

  1. This is really interesting. I’m doing a lot of work for Nut right now, although I don’t know much about her syncretization with Aset. Do you have any recommendations for resources I could look at?

    1. I wish I did. I have some Oracles from Her. I don’t have actual academic sources pertaining to the actual syncretization. I’m looking for them though.

      I do know there is one Aset article that mentions Nut in a subsection. Aset and Nut are connected through being mother and daughter, as both Ladies of the West and the Tree Goddess who gives nourishment to the deceased, Lady of Stars, Ruler of the Night Sky, both were put in coffins holding the deceased, both are mourning goddesses of rain, etc. Nut’s laughter is thunder; her tears are rain.

      There is a great chapter on Nut in Barbara Lesko’s book The Great Goddesses of Egypt.

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