Aset, Auset, Isis, Nebet Het, Nephthys, Ritual Protocol, Sekhmet, Sekhmet-Mut, Wepwawet

Ritual Purity

I have a shrine room. My guest room is pretty much converted into one. I have the Kemetic Gods and Goddesses in there. Aset has the largest space. I have tables for Aset, Wepwawet (who allowed Heru Wer and Wesir to share His table–the “Guy Table” as He called it), Sekhmet-Mut (who shares space with Bast-Mut) and Nebet Het is on an old small table of mine until I can get Her a bigger one.

I just cleaned and re-did the shrines. I asked if my ritual group and I could use the shrine space for the ritual we would be doing (as it is for Aset Amenti and the Dead). They said yes, but there are rules.

Here is what I was told. Maybe these may help others with their own shrines.

1) No shoes (Unless medically necessary, of course) or unless they are shoes only used for indoor ritual.

2) Have bathed and dressed in clean clothes

3) Purify hands beforehand with natron or salt. I like Florida Water, salt and baking soda personally so I may use that. (Aset has 4 bottles of Florida Water on Her shrine.)

4) Don’t consume the taboo animals of the Gods and Goddesses within that shrine prior to entering to do ritual. (So far Aset, don’t consume pork or fish, possibly seafood in general beforehand.)

5) And bring offerings. đŸ™‚


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