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Oracle of Aset Amenti: No Dead is Left Alone

    No Dead is Left Alone

What do you say to the bereaved?
What do you say to the Dying?
What do you say?
To those who will cross the veil soon?
What do you say?
Do you wish them well?
Do you say you love them?
Yes, you do this, dear child.
You wish them well.
You say you love them.
You let them know they are loved.
They are cherished and adored.
You tell them their ancestors are preparing for their arrival.
Or for them to return.
You tell them you love them most of all.
That you forgive them.
Then let them go:
Into the Arms of the Star Goddess
into the Arms of their God or Ancestors.
They will be cared for.
They will be loved.
No dead is left alone.


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