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I found a candle holder of a winged Aset holding two candle holders shaped like pots.

Now pots are one of the headdresses of Nut.

So, this statue/candle holder makes me think of Aset-Nut.

Here is the link:

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Oracle: Do What You Have Been Asked

Do What You Have Been Asked

by JewelofAset

What do you think you’re doing?
What ritual do you think you’re performing?
What do you think Heka is, dear child?
Do you think it will affect nothing?
You’re doing a ritual. Rituals enact change.
Say that again. Rituals enact change.
If you are doing a ritual and nothing happens, you are not doing it successfully.
When you ask Us to change something, We will change something.
Heka is Ka-Power. Heka is Ka-Power.
What is the Ka? The Ka is life-Power. Breathe.
The breath just re-invigorated your Ka.
The same thing happens.
What made you think that it would be different?
Did you think Heka would cease to be Heka?
What are you doing, dear child?
When you ask for change and it is given, why are you surprised?
I am the Goddess of All Magical Power.
All of this Ka-Power is under My domain.
All of it.
Why are you asking Me for My Power without giving Me My due?
Where is My shrine in your home?
Where is My shrine?
Where is My shrine?
Where are My magical tools?
Where are the implements you use when you ask for My aid?
Where is My water? Where is My flame? Where is My fragrance?
Where are My offerings?
Where are the offerings to your dead?
Yes, that is your Ka-Power as well.
The Ka-Power, the Heka of the Family Line.
Why do you not honor your dead?
Even the dead you cannot remember will hear you.
They will respond.
Why do you ask for My power, when honor is not given to the Ka?
By this I mean, the Ka of your family which is the Ka of your soul.
You carry the essence of your ancestors just as they carried it.
Why do you ask for My power if you do not give reverence to the One Who Rules it?
How am I supposed to help you, dear child?
How am I supposed to help you?
You are not doing what you have been asked.
Do what you have been asked.
And then I will help you.

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Goddess of Ka-Power

I am Death here. I am Amenti.
I am the Goddess of the West.
I am Aset as the Lady of the West.
This is Who I am, child.
Ancestors are important to Me.
Not Hethert only.
Not Nebet Het only.
To Me.
As well.
I am the Goddess of the Ancestors.
I am the Goddess of Ka-Power.
The Ka-Power of Families and Lineages are under My Domain.
The Ka-Power of Religious Lineages are under My Domain.
Family shrines are Mine.
House shrines are Mine.
I am the Goddess of the Home here.
For every Lady of the West is also the Lady of the House.
For My Sister and I connect here
As Ladies of both Authority and Ka-Power
As Ladies Who guard and guide those in the Home
We guard the Dead as well
For this purpose
The Lady of the House is the one who honors the Ancestors
For the whole family
This is their rank; this is their job
And for now, the Lady of the House
whoever that may be
may do this task
in My Name
And the Ka-Power will flow
from the Ancestors to the Gods
from the Ancestors to the Lady of the Home
and back again
And the cycle will continue
And the Ka-Power will flow
For I am the Goddess of the Ancestors
For I am the Goddess of Ka-Power

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Building Community

This community is fractured. It is torn in places that must be mended if it is to continue. Do you think the ancients didn’t disagree? They each had their own Gods and Goddesses, festivals, calendars and their own feast days. Each Nome had their own way of doing things.

This is normal for a group of people working together for a certain goal. This is healthy. Creation is divided in parts. It is plurality born of oneness. Creation is of a multitude. Difference. Diversity. These are what creation upholds. Everything created is unique.

Oneness. Unity. These are wonderful when done well. When many work as one. Many things are done. Many things are accomplished.

But for many to work as one there must be a common ground. Are We not enough for you? Can all Our devotees not work together? Must is always be the same as your way? Must every ritual be as you dictate? Can you not participate in a Wiccan-style ritual that honors Us respectfully? Or a Kemetic one from another House? As long as We are respected and honored and given offerings, We are pleased. What does it matter to you, the outsider?

This ritual is not of your House. Does that matter? Are We not loved? Are We not honored? Are We not given offerings? Are We not respected?

If We are, then that is fine. If not, then let Us deal with it. Let Us deal with it, My child.

We will not build a House on shaky ground. What of your House, My child? What of your House?

Why do you come seeking answers when your House is not in order? Where are your leaders, dear child? Where are your leaders? Are they respected? Are they given proper credit for their work? Are their credentials honored? Their lineages?

How can a community grow without stable leaders? How do you hope to learn without them? These are people We have asked to do the work they are doing. You do not do this work because they do it.

You were not asked. They were.

They do Our work. They do Our work.

Why are your words tearing them down? Why do your words disrespect them? Why do your words dishonor their work?

They do the work. You don’t.

You weren’t asked to. They were.

They do their work. They do Our work. They give you tools to honor Us. And this is your response? These words spewed about with lies and half-truths? These words spewed about carelessly? Thoughtless words. Careless words. Hurtful words. Words filled with deceit and malice.

These are not the words of a community in ma’at. These are not the words of the people who should be honoring Us.

Disagreement is fine, dear child. Questioning is fine, dear child.

But tearing them down does not build you up. It tears you down with them. For if there are no leaders to guide, then who will follow? Even the ones without a House follow the ones who write the books.

So where does that leave everyone? With a broken home whose walls are shattering from the noise. What is important here? What is important here?

Where is your foundation, dear child? Where is your foundation?

Where are We in your life? Are We in your heart? Are We in your shrines? Where are We?

There is no room for Us in a House that cannot feed the Holy. How can holiness manifest in a place filled with such entropy? How can the Ka-Power flow?

What is this, dear child? What are you building?

Are you building a community that will come together and be strong? Or are you building a community that will tear itself apart?

What are you building, dear child? What are you building? And with whom are you building it?

For whom are you building it?

Yourself or the Gods?

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Oracle: Lady of the West

Why do you speak ill of the dead?
Why do you speak ill of Me?
What am I to you?
Am I your plaything?
Am I your puppet?
Who do you think I am, child?
I am a Goddess, dear child.
I am a God.
This is My species
Just as human is yours.
What do you think you are doing, dear child?
My name is not a plaything
It is not something you call out in jest
Why do you speak ill of the dead, dear child?
They who came before you
who strived and fought for you
so you could enjoy the luxuries you have today
If you call out to Me
if you honor Me at all
Honor your dead
For I keep them safe in My Hall of Amenti
as Lady of the West

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Articles and Offerings: Athena


The Shrine to the Goddess Athena

Athena page from

Athena’s page at Neokoroi

Offerings: olive oil, olives, olive trees, myrrh, aromatic herbs, turquoise,

Disposal of Offerings: For liquid offerings, pour them out into the earth or into the sink drain; burn the food offerings in a fire-safe container or put it in a bag and then toss it in the trash; Devotees do not traditionally eat the offerings given to the Theoi (Greek Gods and Goddesses).

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Articles and Offerings: Wepwawet and Hekate


Per Sabu–House of Jackals

Ways to Honor Wepwawet

Offerings for Him: water, cheese, red wine, raspberry tea, cheese pizza, bread, vegetables, chai tea, pomegranate juice or tea, coffee,

Disposal of Offerings: Devotees eat the offerings.


Here is a great article on Hekate:

Hekate page from

A quick resource for Hekate:

Offerings traditionally left for Hekate: cheese, red wine, milk (I think), millet, eggs,

Disposal of Offerings: Leave at the crossroads without look back or put in a separate bag and toss it in the trash; pour liquid offerings outside on the ground or in the sink drain. Devotees do not traditionally eat the offerings.

Modern Books
Bearing Torches

Hekate: Liminal Rites