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Hymn to Aset/Isis from Syene

I found this on this website: Amentet Neferet: Hymns and Prayers. I hope I can find the sources.

Hail Aset!

III Hymn to Isis from Her Temple at Syene

“O Princess, Daughter of Geb,
Ruler of the Merehu Bull (a form of Osiris),
Tjati (Prime Minister) Daughter of Thoth,
Beloved by the Ram,
Great of Favor,
Great of Praise,
Queen of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Lady of Grace,
Lady of all that is encircled by the Sun,
Queen of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Isis the Great, the Mother of the God,
First Royal Spouse of Osiris Onnophris Whose word is right and true,
Divine Mother of Horus, the King, the Mighty Bull.
You are the Beautiful and Perfect Goddess Who has giveng birth to the Victorious God,
She Who has initiated the Divine Birth of Her son,
the King of Kings, the Prince of Princes:
‘He is Ra!’ it will be said of Him, a King without equals.
In the Sanctuaries there are the cult images of Her elder brother Osiris, the Lord of the provinces,
and His sacred image is where the Gods are;
they come, jubilating, to Him,
He is their Lord, He Who accomplishes everything together with Horus,
and together with Her sister Isis, the guide of Horus without equals,
the beneficial Goddess Who accomplishes everything for Her elder brother.
May Your beautiful face be beneficial to the King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
Ptolemy IV ever living, beloved of Isis,
defend and protect Him!”

from the Temple of Isis at Syene

“Isis the Vanguard of the Army
Isis, more effective than a million soldiers,
Lady of Flame Who assaults the rebels (the rebels against Maat, the enemies of the Gods)
Lady of Battle Who fought on the River of the Two Lands to overthrown the enemies (the enemies of the Gods are the enemies of the King, Horus on Earth).

Isis Mightier that the Mighty, Stronger than the Strong,
Who smites millions by cutting off their heads,
great of massacre against Her enemy.”


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