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New Devotional to Hera and Juno from BA

Bibliotheca Alexandrina has a new devotional out to Hera and Juno (who is spelled Iuno in Latin)!

Here is a link for more information:
Queen of Olympos: A Devotional Anthology For Hera and Iuno

Purchase from Biblotheca Alexandrina’s Online Store: Queen of Olympos

Purchase from Amazon: Queen of Olympos

Athena, Hymns

Athena Hymn

For Athena’s Day today (as it is the 3rd of the month), here is a video to a beautiful hymn to Her sung at Bryn Mawr College during Lantern Night, where lanterns are lit and the sophmores give them to the freshmen.

People who honor Athena today could definitely use this in their personal practice. Light lanterns or candles for Her.

Hail Athene, Goddess of Wisdom, Knowledge and Strength.

English Translation

Pallas Athena, goddess of learning and strength,
We come to you to worship you, dread goddess.
Bless us we pray; give us wisdom.
Be with us always, Blessed goddess, hear!
Sanctify our lanterns now, to shine forever clearly,
Lighting the way, making bright the dark.


Pallas Athena thea,
Mathe mastos kai stenous
Se par he me is iman
Hie rus sou sai soi deine (x2)

Hie rus sou sai soi deine (x4)
Akoue. Akoue.

Makar i ze ai toumen
He min sophian didou
He min syngignou aei
Makarthe a akoue(x2)

Makarthe a akoue(x4) Akoue. Akoue.

Hie rize nyntous lydnous
Aei phanos phanoien
Lamprynontes ten hodan
Melan phanon poiuntes(x2)

Melan phanon poiuntes(x4)
Akoue. Akoue.

Festivals, Nebet Het, Nephthys

Nebet Het’s Procession

Today is day 3 of the Procession of Nebet Het (which lasts 6 days in total). On my calendar, it starts on November 1–because I’m lazy and math hurts my head–so for me 4th Akhet Day 1 is the first of November).

Anyway, I’m cleaning my home. I also offered Her chocolate milk and a blueberry muffin.

What are you doing today for this festival for the Lady of the House, Temple and Tomb?

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Mysteries of Wesir

I added to this post when I re-posted it so I thought I’d put it here too.

Some celebrate the Mysteries of Wesir during this time. Here is Devo’s ritual to observe this holiday: Osirian Mysteries: A Ritual

Here is a series of posts about the holiday by Rev. Tamara Siuda, Egyptologist, author and spiritual leader:
God is Dead: Thoughts About the Mysteries of Wesir (Osiris)
Advance with Your Ka: Mystery Vigil
Stirring in the Third Hour: Mysteries of Wesir
Water for the Dead: Mysteries of Wesir
Mysteries of Wesir: Fifth Hour Vigil
Dua Wesir! Nekhtet!

Links from Rev. Raheriwesir, a Priest of Wesir within the House of Netjer:
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five

Links from Isidora Forrest, author and Priestess of Isis:
Bewailing Osiris: Lamentation Magic
The Corn Osiris of Isis Oasis

Here is a copy of the Lamentations of Aset and Nebet Het which can be recited during this festival. Lamentations of Aset and Nebet Het.

The Lamentations are also available in The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook by Tamara Siuda. The book is available in E-Book Paperback and Hardcover formats: E-Book: The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook

Paperback: The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook

Hardcover: The Ancient Egyptian Prayerbook