Athena, Festivals

Festivals of Athena

From Here: Baring the Aegis by Elani Temperance
Monthly Holy Days
First Decad – Waxing Moon – Mên Histámenos
1. Noumenia – Selene, Apollon Noumenios, Zeus Herkios and Ktesios, Hestia, and the other Theoi of the Household
3. Tritomênís – Athena

Second Decad – Middle Moon – Mên Mesôn
13. (3.) Athena

Third Decad – Waning Moon – Mên Phthínôn
23. (-8) Athena

Hekatombaion (Ἑκατομϐαιών) – Creteon – July/August

16 / 15-16 – Sunoikia – community festival in Athens. Sacred to Athena. Two-day celebration every other year.

23-30 – Panathanaia – main celebration on the twenty-eighth in honor of Athena. Greater held in the third year of each Olympiad, Lesser held annually for fewer days.

Metageitnion (Μεταγειτνιών) – Diomedeon – August/September

12 – Sacrifice to Athena Polias

Boedromion (Βοηδρομιών) – Hippeon – September/October

2 – Niketeria – festival in honor of Athena

27 – Sacrifice to Athena at Atic deme of Teithras

Pyanepsion (Πυανεψιών) – Gereon – October/November

19-21? Apatouria – paternity festival. The first day (Dorpia) was celebrated with a communal feast within the brotherhood, the second day (‘Anarrhusis’) sacrifice were made to Zeus Phratrios and Athena Phratria, and the third day (‘Koureotis’) young boys admitted to their father’s brotherhood.

30 – Khalkeia – Festival in honor of Athena and Hephaestus.

Maimakterion (Μαιμακτηριών) – Hespereon – November/December

Poseideon (Ποσειδεών) – Cerbreon – December/January

Gamelion (Γαμηλιών) – Nemeaneon – January/February

9 – Sacrifice to Athena at Erchia

Anthesterion (Ἀνθεστηριών) – Lerneon – February/March

Elaphebolion (Ἑλαφηϐολιών) – Archaedeon – March/April

Mounichion (Μουνιχιών) – Erymantheon – April/May

Thargelion (Θαργηλιών) – Augeon – May/June

Between 20 and 25 – Kallunteria – spring cleaning of the Temple of Athena

25 – Plynteria – festival of washing, where the statue of Athena was removed from the city of Athens to be cleaned. Auspicious day.

Skirophorion (Σκιροφοριών) – Stymphaleon – June/July

3 – Arrephoria – festival in honor of Athena; or, Arretophoria. Ending of the priestess term at the temple of Athena, for young handmaidens
3 – Sacrifice to Athena Polias
12 – Skirophoria – festival in honor of Athena
28/29 (last day) – Sacrifice to Zeus the Savior and Athene the Savior


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