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Happy Moomas!

Happy Establishment of the Celestial Cow! (also affectionately called, Moomas since it is close to Christmas). Rev. Tamara Siuda has a great blog post about this festival here: Winter Holidays: This One Goes up to Eleven.

The Celestial Cow Goddess for this festival is normally Hethert-Nut, Hethert, Nut or Mehet Weret. Since Aset can also be a Celestial Cow Goddess, as Aset-Nut or Aset-Mehet Weret, I’m going to celebrate Aset as the Celestial Cow for this festival.

I’m going to offer water and candles for Her to represent the starry heavens and the waters of creation.

Hail Aset-Nut
Hail Aset-Mehet Weret
Hail Aset, the Heavenly Cow
Hail, Aset, Blessed Lady
Please be with us tonight.


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