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Month of Aset

Since it is January 1st, it is the first day of the month 2 Peret which is sacred to Aset. (Until I can make a machine do all the math for me: 2 Peret Day 1 will be January 1st and so on).

Here are the festivals for this month on the calendar I have put together:

2 Peret/Mechir/January

1 to 30-Sacred Month to Aset

1 to 8-Feast of Aset

Aset was offered wine, beer and meat during this festival.

2 of January-Advent of Isis (Greek/Roman)

Classical festival dealing with Aset/isis as rejoicing over finding Wesir.

3 of January-Navigation of Aset/Ploiaphesia/Isidis Navigium (Roman)

Aset/Isis was honored here along with the Roman Imperials. This was a festival about preparing for the Navigation season or the Navigation of Aset/Isis festival in March.

6-Feast of Aset, the Mourning Cow/Black Cow

Aset was honored as searching for Wesir in the form of a black-robed cow.

7-Paroles a dire par Tayet

Aset is honored as Aset-Tayet today. Tayet is the Goddess of linen wrappings for the dead and purity.

11-Paroles a dire par Aset, upon the Head of Ra

Aset as upon the Head of Her Father: an Eye of Ra.

16-Awakening of Aset by Ra’s Majesty

Aset is brought out at sunrise to be in Ra’s rays. He is Her Father here. She is an Eye of Ra and a Sun Goddess.

20-Procession of the Goddess of Heaven Goes South to the Road

Aset is Sopdet here as this festival marks the half-point when Sopdet will return.

26-Aset Sees the Beautiful Face

She sees the face of Min or Wesir.

What will you do for the sacred month of Aset? How will you honor Her this month?


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