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More about Aset Festivals

There are different types of ancient Egyptian festivals for the Goddess Aset.

Feast of Aset

For these festivals offer Aset a feast: cook for Her if you can or offer Her many offerings.

Festival of Aset

Some of these festivals come with epithets of the Goddess so it is easier to narrow down which aspect of Aset to worship. For Festival of Aset, Lady of the Two Lands you could honor Aset as a Goddess of kingship, the throne Goddess or as a Goddess of personal sovereignty.

Procession of Aset

You could carry the Goddess to a different shrine in your house or carry the Goddess in a circle around Her own shrine. Since oracles were also performed during some processions, you could perform divination for yourself or ask a diviner to divine for you.

Other Holidays

Some festivals have to do with mythic cycles such as the Mysteries of Wesir or Weeping of Aset and Nebet Het or Festival of Aset, the Mourning Cow.

Others have to do with the birth of Her son such as Giving Birth of Aset, Mother of God (18 day festival) and other ones where Mother of God is named as an epithet.

Some have to do with celestial cycles such as Goddess of Heaven Goes South to the Road (Sopdet), Appearance of Sopdet and Opening of the Year (Helicial rising of Sopdet) and Establishment of the Celestial Cow (close to Winter Solstice; as the Mother of Ra and Lady of Heaven). And these two equinox festivals: Festival of Aset in the Spring (Spring Equinox) and Festival of Aset in the Fall (Fall Equinox).

Some have to do with Her relationship with Ra such as Awakening of Aset by the Majesty of Ra, Eye of Ra Calls the Shemsu, Feast of Entry of Aset (possibly) and others that name Ra with Her.

Some have to do with Her relationship with Wesir such as the Mysteries of Wesir, Cleansing Festival of Aset, and Burning the Widow’s Flame.

Some have to do with Aset within a family unit such as Procession and Offerings in Djedu or Day of the Children of Nut and Geb.

Some have to do with Aset’s epithets or titles or aspects such as Feast of Weret Hekau (Magician), Feast of the Eye of Ra (flaming cobra or lioness), Feast of Tayet (cleansing and purifying Goddess) or just simply Festival of Aset, the Goddess.

Some have to do with seasonal festivals such as Opening of the Year (Nile Flood), Harvest Festival, Festival of Aset in the Spring (Spring Equinox), Festival of Aset in the Fall (Fall Equinox) and Rhodophoria/Rosalia (Festival of Roses).

Some have to do with certain cult centers or time periods such as Festival of Aset of the Lighthouse of Alexandria/Isis Pharia, or Festival of Aset in Busiris or the Navigation of Aset/Navigium Isidis.

Some have to do with Her Birthday (different calendars had different dates for it) and like Aset Luminous some combined Her associations such as Aset as a Bright Goddess who was searching for Her husband and called Mother of God in the procession.

Hail Aset, on every festival day!


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