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Queen of Your House, Queen of Your Home

Queen of Your House, Queen of Your Home

by Chelsea B.

To be the Queen of your house
is to be the Queen of your home
To be the Queen of your life
is where you must roam

Spend money on a budget
Fix things, get things
Only what you need
There is no reason to give into greed

It will take you awhile for your home to be square
You don’t need to throw your hands up in the air

Do one thing and then another
Little things too
This will work out for you

Let Athena Ergane be your guide
You have no reason to hide

This Goddess will help you
and help you She will
This Goddess is not only the Goddess of the Mill

Domestic sphere is also under Her sway
Do not hesitate
Call upon Her today

Greet Her with offerings
and kind, sincere words
know that you will always be heard

To be the Queen of your life
is to be the Queen of your home
Reign supreme over all that you own

Books and DVDs
Computers and TVs
These all belong to you
For entertainment and work
Only own what builds your worth

Goddess and God
Many and One
These are in your home
No, we are not done

Build the shrines in your home
To each Goddess, To each God
To each Orisha too
Build the shrines to reflect Us and you

Be proud of all that you own
No matter how little or small
No matter how big or tall
All that you own is all that you have
It is not up for grabs

Do not disgrace yourself by disgracing your home
This is where you live, this is where you roam
Keep it clean and tidy
Let hospitality flow
To all that you know

Keep tabs on what you have
Keep what you need
Keep what you want
Give away what can be used by others
Throw away the rest
Just do your best

Keep what you need
and not what you owe
Offer to Us
and let the blessings flow

Let your life reflect your home
Let your home sustain your life
And don’t forget child,
One day you will become someone’s wife

So keep the house clean
For your husband or son
For your daughter or wife
So, remember, child,
Have a great life.

Keep your house clean
For the Goddesses of the Home
For your Gods as well
Do as you’re told
and blessings We foretell

Let no one else rule in your place
This is your space
Take care
Treat it well
For blessings We will bestow
To anyone who wants to know

Furnish your home with what you love and need
Let the Theoi teach you
How to make a space
into a holy place
Don’t worry. This is not a race.

How you treat yourself
is how you treat your home
How much self worth
do you show
in what you own?

How you keep your space
is how you keep your place
Keep the home sacred
Keep the home pure
Let yourself and the Goddesses always endure


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