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Awakening of Aset by the Majesty of Ra

This festival is on the Cairo Calendar on 2 Peret Day 16.  The “Awakening of Aset” would be at sunrise since all ancient Egyptian deities are awakened then.  The “Majesty of Ra” here is the sunlight.  So basically, go outside at sunrise bathing a statue of Aset in Ra’s rays.

I could not do that today since I went to bed at sunrise and it was cloudy and cold all day.  So instead I lit candles for Her.  Candle flame is analogous to the First Dawn during daily rites so I think it is a workable substitute if you can’t get outside or the sun isn’t out.

This festival celebrates Aset as a solar Goddess, an Eye of Ra and a Daughter of Ra.

Her theophanies as a solar deity include the cobra and the lioness.


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