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Oracle: Libation in Senut

*Note: This is about the Ritual of the Senut and not about libations in general.*

You need to understand what this libation is doing.
It is not an offering–not in the traditional sense.
It is a doorway.
It is calling upon the Foundations
to open the way–
so that We may communicate.
Do not consume this offering.
You are calling upon your Dead to support you.
You are calling upon Wepwawet to guide you to Us for this is His role as Opener of the Way.
You are calling upon the Wisdom of your teachers to support you.
You are calling upon Ma’at to strengthen this bond
for She is the foundation of all the worlds.

What do you think you are doing, dear child?
What do you think you are doing?

You are opening the way between the worlds.
Water is a liminal element, creating liminal space.
It is the conduit in which you are connecting to Us.
You are eating the doorway.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Unless you want to become a doorway yourself.
Unless you want to become a Shaman’s Gate–
stop it.

Do not eat this libation.
Offer water separately to Us to drink or to give to your pets.
That is fine.
But this specific libation–pour out.
It is a ritual conduit.
It is a ritual tool.
Do not consume it.
Dispose of it when you are done.

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Sacred Plants of Aset

Aset’s sacred plants include:


Water lily or lotus




Fruit trees and citrus trees
Sycamore (and figs from them)
Persea (and avocado from them)
Palm Branch
Laurel or Bay tree




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Aset’s Bookshelf

I have tons of books. I have so many books on Ancient Egypt and Aset, that I needed to get a small three shelf bookshelf to house all Her books. I’m going to put it next to my desk so it can be near my computer when I’m working. My collection of books includes some from Peeters Publishers (a few from Sylvie Cauville’s Dendera series and the Temple of Shanhur book by Willems et al) and many of the books listed on my Library page.

I’m hoping to put a small shrine to Her up on top of the bookshelf so She can watch over Her small library and so I can leave Her offerings and hopefully She will help me with my work.

Now I just need to find someone to help me put the bookshelf together. I pay in food. Any takers?