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Late Festival for Nebet Het

I found a festival called Offering Sacrifice to Nebet Het and Wesir on 13 of Boedromion (mid-September) which is why on the Egyptian calendar I put it on 2nd Akhet Day 13.

On this festival They were offered milk and water mixed with honey, fruit and a cockerel.

As is Greek custom for purifying sacred space, wheat and barley were scattered.

Here is the source: Alvar, Jaime. Romanising Oriental Gods: Myth, Salvation and Ethics in the Cults of Cybele, Isis and Mithras. (Brill Academic Pub, 2008), 313-314.


4 thoughts on “Late Festival for Nebet Het”

    1. It is just listed in a festival calendar: “Hadrianic sacrificial calendar”. I’m not seeing a reason mentioned besides making offerings to Gods. We’re really lucky to have the offerings listed with it. I don’t have much more information besides that.

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