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Aset’s Festivals for April

Here are Aset’s Festivals during the month of April:

1 Shomu/Pachons/April

12-Marriage Contract of Aset
20-Panegyric of Aset (Greek/Roman)
25 of April-Festival and Sacrifice to Isis Pharia and Serapis (Greek/Roman)

During the Marriage Contract of Aset Festival you could honor Aset as the wife of Wesir and possibly include Wesir in their celebrations.

Panegyric means “paean” or “praise speech” so for this festival you could read Hymns or Epithets to praise the Goddess.

Isis Pharia or “Aset of the Pharos Lighthouse” was worshiped on the Pharos Island in Alexandria, Egypt during the Later Periods. The Isis Pharia for the Greeks and Romans of the city would honor Her as a Goddess of navigation and ships. If one wanted more Kemetic associations with this festival, then perhaps using the imagery of water and light illuminating the way in darkness would be useful. That’s what Lighthouses do; they make certain that people on ships make it to shore safely. Make offerings to Isis Pharia and Serapis or Aset and Wesir today. I would recommend lighting candles or lamps to represent the light from the Lighthouse.


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