Aset, Auset, Isis, Festivals

Forms of Aset/Isis at Alexandria

Forms Worshiped in Alexandria
Isis Pharia
Isis Sopdet/Sothis
Isis Plousia
Isis Myrionymos
Isis Menuthis
Isis Nanaia (of Nabana in the Fayum)
Nanaion (a festival?) at Alexandria may be for Her.

Isis Nepherses and Isis Nephremmis was at Soknopaios Nesos in Nilopolis in the Fayum.

Isis Rhodosternos at Hiera Sykaminos

Isis and Osiris-Sarapis at Kysis

Milne, Joseph Grafton. A History of Egypt under Roman Rule. (Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1898), 143-144.


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